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January 7, 2021

Time Wasted on Social Media Addiction

It’s an incredible addiction that drives people to stay awake for all hours at night checking their phones, tablets, or computers, in order to see who is looking at them. What is the point? People who judge their worth by this type of response are not worth much. They are missing out on personal contact with those who can make a difference to them and who are able to support them as they progress through life.

The really bad side is the way it opens up an avenue for bullying by others who act against your interest. Young kids commit suicide because of this and it works both ways. Without the support of personal friends and families this is driving people to do horrible things.

Terrorists are also using social media to recruit others to their cause. They are able to get inside the heads of their victims as the conversations are private and dangerous. Many have fallen for it and are either dead or preparing to die on suicide missions.

This is the modern world and everything is now so available that authorities are at a loss to deal with it. Videos designed to distract and engage people for hours on end are often fake stories that are meant to shock. Over the Christmas period some of these were so disgusting and detrimental to individuals targeted that one wonders the motive behind them.

The frightening thing is how believable they are. Without going into details and giving them publicity the claims made would have been helpful to those seeking to destroy people’s faith in certain politicians, tennis players, and others.

This is the rubbish that pervades the minds of children and is inciting more of the same. Some do extraordinary and dangerous acts to post on the Social Media with the purpose of getting people to click on the videos or imaged. The number of hits adds to their psyche as something that boosts their ego.

While the psychiatry benefits or harm are not published they should be. This is a dangerous time-wasting pastime that is worse for some than taking drugs. It is a drug and it is highly addictive as one can easily spend an hour or two without even being aware of how much time has passed. It detracts from normal learning and family time while important things ar missed.

Nothing can or will change the habits of people and one should look to the amount of money made by the company to know that the goal in making one addicted is money. These sites are great advertisers and they get highly paid every time one is exposed to an ad. This is what should be noticed by those who can’t avoid connecting to them.