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January 5, 2021

How to Make a Webinar Plan

Before you conduct a webinar there are things that you need to do. It will help you achieve your objectives if you plan in advance to ensure that you don’t accidentally forget things.

Determine Which Software You’ll Need

Choose the software you’ll use in advance of the event. You want to not only choose but also to practice, so that you can ensure that you can use the software the way it’s meant to work.

Identify Your Audience

Know who you want to reach so that you can choose your topic as well as how you’ll market the event. Knowing your audience first is the best way to do both things right.

Choose Your Topic

Pick a narrow topic or theme that your audience would enjoy. If it is a way to solve a serious problem your audience has, it will be useful to them during the event and after.

Develop Your Message

Work on the message you plan to deliver, create an outline, find some statistics, as well as products and/or services that you can promote in conjunction with the event.

Set Date of Event

Early on, set a date. Six weeks ahead of the event is a good time to set the date so that you can start pre-marketing and marketing for maximum exposure and attendance.

Invite Your Audience

If you already have an audience and list members, invite them to the event first. Offer them an early bird discount or notice of the event.

Develop a Marketing Campaign

Now that you know the date and the topic, you can start developing your marketing materials and collateral. You can decide whether or not you plan to do a PPC campaign or get your affiliates to promote the event.

Create a Landing Page

Develop a landing page for the event that allows your audience to learn about what is going to be included in the webinar, and give them a good reason to sign up.

Load Autoresponder Messages

Be ready in advance for people to sign up. This should put them on your list so that they can receive marketing messages and more automatically.

Craft Social Media Posts

Along with the autoresponder messages, create social media messages, memes, infographics and more to help promote your event.

Creating a Sales Page

Every webinar needs an ultimate reason besides adding value to your customers’ lives, and that is where the sales page comes in. You can promote the product before, during and after the event with the right sales page.

Practice Delivery

As they say, practice makes perfect. You want to sound relaxed and casual or people will leave. If you sound like you’re reading a speech, the audience will be turned off.

Remind Attendees

When people sign up for your event, ensure that you have a means to send them a reminder about the event they signed up for the day before and day of the event to maximize attendance.

Record It

During the webinar, don’t forget to set up the recording so that you can have the event transcript to use later – to create other products or to send to those who were unable to attend the live event. The main event isn’t the only way to earn money and become successful. Be sure to follow up after the event to ensure that the webinar isn’t the last time your clients hear from you.

September 25, 2020

How To Plan Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media is an important platform for marketing of any size of the business in today’s digital era. The question “Why should we use social media for our business” quickly shifted to “How should we use social media for our business”. Whether your business is 24 hours old or 24 years old, creating an online presence is very important. Marketing yourself well on social media needs a very strong strategy and there comes the real challenge. First of all, let me explain what exactly strategy is. It is a well planned tactical strategy to define the main aim of your social media presence, your goals and to set parameters deciding what to achieve and how to achieve. Today we will learn how you should plan your social media strategy in few simple steps:

Set your Objectives & Goals

First of all you need to specify your goals and objectives. What exactly do you aim for? Do you want brand awareness, customer engagement or you want conversions? There are different strategies for different goals. Decide what you want from your audience. If you want brand awareness then you have to focus on attracting more and more unique visitors to your website. If you aim for customer engagement then your focus should be getting more comments & likes on your social media posts. Keep your goals clear in your mind before planning your strategy. The major goal ideas are basically:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Customer Engagement
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Generate Revenue
  5. Grow Signups, newsletters, subscriptions
  6. Build a Community
  7. More Traffic to your Website
  8. Increase Press Mentions

Audit your current Social Presence

Before you start with your plan; start with auditing yourself where your social presence stands currently. Keep the following points in mind:

  1. Check which media you are currently active on
  2. Decide if it is the best social media as per your business goals. Not all social media works for all kind of businesses.
  3. Keep a note of your current followers count.
  4. Compare your profile with your competitors’ profile and see what all changes you need to implement.

Find your Ideal Customer

You really need to be specific with this part. Imagine you are doing your marketing with all the planning, consistency and dedication but if the audience that you are targeting is not your potential customers then there is no point of all that hard work. Even the best business marketing strategies fail if you are targeting the wrong audience. You need to find out your buyer persona from the population and target them to make your strategies work and ultimately achieve your goals.

Keep an eye on your Competitors

It is very important to be well aware with your competitors. Your competitors can tell you a lot about what strategies to pick and what all to do, after all they are targeting the same customers as you are. You can learn a lot from their successes and mistakes and implement them while planning your strategies. Pick some of your top competitors, check their social media pages and get an idea about the posts that are getting more engagements and research them.

Plan Your Content

It is very important to have an attractive and engaging content in order to drive audience’s attention. If the content that you are posting on your social media is not engaging enough then you may not drive enough attention and you may even lose your current followers. You need to deliver fresh and engaging content consistently to get more visibility from new visitors and retain existing followers.

The different types of contents that you can share are:

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Videos
  3. Images
  4. Infographics
  5. Company News
  6. News
  7. eBooks

Invest in a Tool

When Focussing on social media, investing in a good social media management tool is very important. The main feature and benefit of such tool is that it lets you schedule posts for future so you never miss your deadline and you can schedule post as per your content calendar. Some of the tools are HootSuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, Social Oomph etc.

Track, Analyze & Optimize

Now when you have planned everything then comes the step where you need to measure whether the efforts that you are putting is paying off. It is time to track, analyze and implement necessary changes as required. Marketing is solely based on trial & error. You need to keep on optimizing your measures to improve your chances of success.