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January 8, 2021

Message This: Social Media Is Toxic for Kids

According to Common Sense Media research, teens now spend an average of nine hours a day glued to their devices, with tweens not all that far behind at six. And that doesn’t account for tech’s use in our nation’s classrooms, nor all the computer-required assignments that follow our children home after school.

Billed as a learning tool, many teachers now incorporate the likes of Twitter and video games into their lessons, negatively impacting attentions spans and critical thinking, right there along with spelling and writing skills.

As for the teachers who refuse to jump on the ed tech bandwagon? They’re called “resisters” and are often criticized as being old school and way behind the times.

Fortunately, they are not alone.

Among the concerned is Steve Fischer, eBay’s chief technology officer, who sends his children to a Waldorf School instead of his local tech-heavy public one; so, too, do many Silicon Valley employees.

That’s because founder Rudolf Steiner designed the Waldorf curriculum to focus on the academic, artistic, and practical with an eye toward developing students’ imaginations and getting them ready for the real world–no screens required.

The result for everyone else’s kids, though, is a tech-driven world, both in and out of school.

Indeed, Common Sense Media CEO and founder Jim Stryer calls the amount of media tech in children’s lives “mind-boggling.” As he notes, it dominates their world, and they can’t seem to resist its lure.

One result: Multi-tasking. Now, 50% of teens say they “often” or “sometimes” use social media or watch TV while doing homework; 60% say they text and 75%+ listen to music at the same time.

Pushback is growing, though, with outfits like the Truth About Tech: How Tech Has Kids Hooked.” Sponsored by Common Sense Media, the Center for Humane Technology, and others, it held an event in D.C. earlier this year. Its mission is to expose the techniques used by tech companies to hook our kids and find a way to ensure their digital well-being, as well.

As the Center points out, “Technology is hijacking our minds and society.”

And it’s all been done intentionally.

In fact, Facebook’s founding president, Sean Parker, has admitted that he and other higher-ups came up with “a social validation feedback loop” that makes the social media platform addictive.

At one point, another early FB exec, Chalmath Palihapitiya, accused his company of creating “short-term dopamine-driven feedback loops that are destroying how society works.”

And though he tried to walk back that statement, it still has legs, so to speak.

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook gets it. Though childless himself, not only does he set firm limits on his nephew when it comes to social media, he doesn’t consider it a success if we’re all are using tech all the time.

As it is, 50% of teens feel they are addicted to their mobiles, with 60% of their parents agreeing.

Confided one teen, “I would rather not eat for a week than get my phone taken away. It’s really bad.”

Moreover, Jean Twenge, a San Diego State University psych professor and author of iGen, says that heavy–5+ hours a day–device users are:

  • 56% more likely to say they are unhappy;
  • 27% more likely to be depressed; and
  • 35% more likely to have one risk factor for suicide.

These numbers are substantiated by numerous experts and backed by brain-imaging studies, too.

Nevertheless, Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, author of Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids, notes that none of us wants “some buzz-killing truth-sayers telling us that the emperor has no clothes,” and that the devices we’re so attached to pose a problem, especially for kids’ developing brains.

Regardless of the disturbing evidence, though, Facebook is not stopping, not by a long shot.

Not satisfied with its current 2.13 billion users–supposedly all 13 and older–it’s now aiming lower with Messenger Kids, created with children as young as six in mind.

This video, calling, and messaging app lets kids connect with friends and family via tablet or smartphone, and it boasts that countless parents and children’s advocates had a hand in designing it.

However, many of those contributors received funding from Facebook…

Meanwhile, among Messenger Kids’ boasts: Parents must first approve of all contacts, and it gets kids and parents chatting with each other in “a safe, controlled environment.”

Safer than what, face-to-face conversations?

Countless child development experts and others disapprove.

Organized by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, a number of them recently sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg urging him to take down Messenger Kids. Citing its potential for harm, they pointed out that young kids aren’t developmentally ready to handle social media, online relationships, or the misunderstandings and conflicts that can arise from them.

Nevertheless, Messenger Kids is still up and running, so…

Bottom line: Keep it personal, not virtual.

September 23, 2020

15 Best Video Production Companies to Share Your Message

These days, it’s easy to produce a video on your own. But when it really matters, when the video really has to shine, you really only have two options: hire an in-house team or hire one of the best video production companies to share your message and make it pop. Video production companies handle the entire production process so you can simply fill them in on what you want, how you want it to feel, and what you want it to move viewers to do—they handle the rest.

And there’s no shortage of video production companies out there, ready to take your message and create that stellar video ad, video short, or feature film. But with all of the video production agencies you have to choose from, how do you find the right one for your brand?

That’s where we come in. In this article, we’re sharing with you the 15 best video production companies we’ve found to put moving images to your message and build it into something your target audience can’t ignore.

Video is one of the best ways to promote your brand and stand out in a digital landscape that is full of other shiny things trying to draw attention away from you. And, while it’s easy to create high-quality videos on your own, hiring a video production company means you can spend your valuable time focused on guiding the direction of your brand instead of trying to figure out video editing software and sound engineering.

The video production companies on this list are some of the best in the field and are ready to put their expertise to work to help your brand meet your business goals.

15 Best Video Production Companies Worldwide

SociallyIn is a stand-out social media agency that offers a wide range of service to clients across industries. They help brands create lasting connections through engagement on a personal level. They are masters of creative and production with particularly nuanced expertise in social media content production. SociallyIn handles all of your social media content production needs in-house using their team of creatives who are masters in their respective skills.

Their approach is four-pronged:

Build Strategy and Brand Voice

Your SociallyIn experience starts with a discovery meeting where they work to understand your brand’s voice and target audience so they can create content that will resonate with your fans and get you the best results.


SociallyIn will then build a creative brief for your project to ensure that things are moving in the best direction for you and your target audience.

Ideation and Creation

Next, SociallyIn will brainstorm to come up with unique ideas for your various social media platforms. When they land on ideas that match up with your objectives, they’ll present those ideas to you.

Test, Measure, and Optimize

Finally, it’s time to launch your project but SociallyIn doesn’t just let you go on your way. To ensure that you get the best results possible, SociallyIn monitors your results, tests different options, and continues to optimize your campaign.

SociallyIn is one of the best video production companies, using innovation and the top creative talent to keep your brand ahead of the competition through social media strategies, custom content, influencer marketing, ROI modeling and data analysis, community management, and social media advertising management.

Film District is a video production company based in India with a strong presence in Navi Mumbai as well as Dubai, UAE. The company was founded in 2008 and provides video services including advertising and branding, corporate videos, social media videos, and more. Film District has a team of motion graphics specialists, too, so if you’re interested in having your ideas brought to life using 2D or 3D animation, they’ve got you covered. They also provide scriptwriting, storyboarding, voice-overs, infographics, and editing services. Film District has created content for Canon, Babyshop, Serco, and UNOO.

ECG Productions is a full-service video production company that has more than 10 years of experience providing “script-to-screen” video production and editing services. They’re based in Atlanta, Georgia, and offer scriptwriting, 2D and 3D animation, compositing, sound design, and original music composition. Some of their most notable clients are Comcast, UPS, Coca-Cola, and Verizon.

SONA Studios is a Sydney-based media agency that focuses on video production, live broadcasting, social media marketing, web, and design. With their skills and experience, you’ll be able to grow your brand through wider audiences, engaging content, better communications, and effective marketing.

Bastion Elevate is a video production company that offers a full range of marketing services including social media, influencer marketing, public relations, and content production. They have a highly-skilled team of professionals to help your business boost brand awareness, capture market share, and expand digital sales.

Black Production Films is one of the best video production companies with a focus on corporate films. They can help brands identify and build what they need to grow. Black Production Films use their experience and creativity combined with bleeding-edge technology to provide clients a diverse array of production services. Some of their clients include Facebook, USP, Red Bull, CNN, Shell, L’Oréal, USAID, Vice News, and Chevron.

Picturelab is a video production company specializing in explainer videos and commercials. They are experts in both live-action and animation and handle your project from start to finish to create effective campaigns that make a lasting impression.

Blue Carrot studio is a great source for video marketing and creative storytelling with heart, humor, passion, and purpose. They provide animated explainer videos, commercials, promo videos, eLearning, cartoons, and corporate videos using a number of visual and animation styles.

Ydraw creates engaging, creative, and interactive videos that brands can use to deliver their stories in a fun and attention-grabbing way. In addition to video production services, they also offer distribution and marketing.

DHD Films is a Dallas-based video production company that offers full-service video production and motion graphics. They have experience with businesses of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Some of their notable clients are AT&T, H&M, Jaguar, and Microsoft.

MultiVisionDigital is a video production and video marketing company based in New York. They provide a full range of services like video strategy, remote video production, production, and marketing. Their clients range from solopreneurs to global Fortune 500 companies across industries and MultiVisionDigitla has helped those clients increase sales, get more leads, improve their SEO, boost brand awareness, and built client loyalty.

Bold Content Video offers services for branded content, conference videos, and event videos in addition to the other services they provide. With this London-based video production company, you get access to their in-house team of film specialists who bring creativity, energy, and passion into every project they complete. Some of their more notable clients are Microsoft, Tommy Hilfiger, Coca-Cola, and Google.

Demo Duck is a video production company focused on product promotion, education, and brand affinity. They’re able to blend creative strategy with video production to deliver high-quality solutions.

Big 3 Media is a Singapore-based video production company that uses film, animation, content strategy, virtual reality, and graphic design to create brilliant storytelling to bring your project to life. With more than a decade of experience and a history in more than 32 cities, they’re well-positioned to tackle your project. Some of their better-known customers are Edelman, Asics, P&G, and Dentsu.

Atlanta Video has been providing video production services to all types and sizes of businesses since 1976. They’re a boutique shop that works with top products, videographers, and graphic artists in the Atlanta area. Atlanta Video covered the 1997 Olympics for IBM and has also worked with NBC, A&E, TBS, and The National Geographic Channel.

Trust Your Message to a Top Video Production Company

More and more businesses are turning to video to help them sell more, get more leads, and make deeper connections. But many businesses don’t have the resources to bring video production in-house. In these cases, video production companies like those on this list can fill a very important need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Video Production?

Video production is the process of creating a video. No matter whether it’s a full-length film, a commercial, a short film, or a marketing video, the basic process includes three stages:
– Pre-Production is the planning stage where the idea is formed, the video is scripted, and the cast and staff are chosen.
– Production is the filming stage. This is the actual recording of the video.
– Post-Production is the editing stage.

Why Hire a Video Production Company?

Sure, it’s easier than ever to create your own videos, but if you want to increase your capacity and create something better than your smartphone can provide, hiring a video production company just makes sense. Here are some reasons to consider a video production company:
Added Resources
If you’re creating a number of videos regularly, there are going to be times when you can’t keep up. Hiring a video production company to handle the overflow is a great solution.
Higher-Quality Video
There’s nothing wrong with creating a video using no more than an iPhone and iMovie. But if you want better quality, hiring a video production company is the best option. Video production companies have the experience and tools you need to create high-quality video for any of your marketing or internal needs—without any stress on your part.
Proven Expertise
Video production companies are experts at video. When you hire a video production company, you get access to the equipment, experience, and connections that most companies can’t afford to bring in-house. With that experience comes tons of knowledge that you can draw upon to create and share the message you want.
Outside Perspective
There’s a lot to be said for getting an outside perspective. If you’re a creator, you know how easy it is to be so close to your own work that you can’t look at it objectively to see how it can be improved. Hiring a video production company helps with that.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Video Production Company?

It depends. Every video production is different. For example, a 30-second commercial can range from $2,500–$100,000 or more, depending on the complexity and demands of your project.

Will a Video Production Company Help Develop Content for a Video Project?

Yes! Many video production companies offer scriptwriting, storyboarding, and content strategy as part of their pre-production services.

Is Video Marketing Worth It?

It really is. Psychologists have found that video can be used to influence the moods of viewers. Striking the right chord with your video could lead to success rates of 31%!

Can Video Increase Traffic to My Website?

You better believe it can. Google loves video content. Having videos embedded on your site can increase your position on search engine results pages. Plus, videos can help with SEO (search engine optimization).

Can Video Increase Conversions and Sales?

Yes. Products with video can increase conversions by 80%. And, studies show that 74% of potential customers who watched an explainer video about a product ended up buying the product.

Does Video Have a Good ROI?

It does, according to 83% of businesses. Even though video production can get expensive or time-consuming, it pays off!

How Do I Know I’m Hiring the Right Video Production Company?

Well, you can’t go wrong with one of the video production companies on this list. If you want more, here are two quick tips for finding the best video production company for your brand:
1. Look at more than just the demo reel. Demo reels are designed to sell but they don’t really show you the detail of what a finished product from the company will look like. You can ask for examples of finished products, ask for a list of clients you can contact, or poke around the portfolio on the company’s website to find final videos in their entirety. Be sure to ask for examples of recent projects, too!
2. Get multiple quotes. Pricing for different video production companies can vary widely; getting multiple quotes will provide insight into the process. While the price might not be the deciding factor, it still important information to have.

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