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September 28, 2020

Instagram Publishes New Guides on How to Set-Up and Maximize Instagram Shops

As we head into the peak holiday shopping season, Instagram has this week published a new set of guides on how businesses can utilize Instagram shops, in order to reach potential customers via the platform.

Facebook first announced Instagram Shops back in May, and they’re gradually being made available to all businesses. And for those who can access the option, it could be a great way to maximize your holiday sales, tapping into the engagement of Instagram to grab customers as they browse through their feeds.

Instagram’s new ‘The Season for Shops‘ mini-site includes a range of guides, covering each aspect of the Instagram Shop set-up process.

Instagram has included specific overviews for:

Each guide includes graphic overviews of key elements, helping to clarify the process.

Instagram Shopping guides

The overviews can be a great help in getting a better understanding of the Instagram Shops process, and how it can work for your business and products. 

Instagram’s also included detail on exactly how to add shopping tags in posts, Stories and in live-streams: 

Instagram shopping guides

There’s also info on how to create your shop and Collections via Commerce Manager:

Instagram shopping guides

The visual descriptions make it much easier to understand the key elements – and given the various steps required, that could be a big help in getting your Instagram shop up and running faster. 

And it could definitely be worth taking the time to go through the notes and tips here. With over a billion active users, and 80% of those users following brands specifically for product updates, there’s clearly an active base of potential shoppers on the platform. 

Making it easy for them to go from your latest image to owning that item could lead to significant results, and with shopping tags available in all elements, there’s a lot of opportunity. 

You can check out the various new Instagram shopping guides here.

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