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January 7, 2021

Social Media Secrets by Diane Griffin

Do you know that your teenagers must pay attention to their social media habits at least by their junior year in High School? If they don’t then you as a parent must step in and do something about it.

Back in the 1960’s colleges did not care about teenagers and their social skills online to enter into college. Although in the 21st Century it seems to be the biggest Bling in successful college entries. As a parent I can testify that I have limited time, energy and money to help my teenager get into a great college. The cost of living has decreased, my Budget and funding is limited. Even when the teenager chooses a college there is no guarantee that a reliable job market will be there in the end of their educational degree of choice.

QUOTE: “In 2008 only 10% of Colleges checked applications social media activities and now in the year 2012 approximately 80% of colleges check social media activities.”

Isn’t that startling?!!

What is social media? It is photo’s videos and graphics that show and reveal the gifts and talents of future college student’s activities. There are so many great social networking sites to be a part of and be a part of a community. FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter are the big three that most are online with sharing today.

Diane Griffin suggests parents ask their teens what social network sites they participate on and to see what they post online. If it is not “college approval” then the teen needs to consider changing it to become more professional to get into a great college. Parents need to ask and become aware of this to help a teenager get into a college more easily. Diane also talks about how the teen can talk to alumni of a college to get a feel for the college and also feel more comfortable if they want to visit. The alumni student might be able to take your teenager through a walk-though of the college a year or so before the final decision is made. I know as a parent I would want that for my daughter now.

This is a wonderful book for parents and teenagers to fully equip you with the knowledge of what to do before your teen tries getting into a college. Diane’s book will give you “A Novice’s Social Networking Cheat sheet,” which every parent of a college bound teen should have.” The cheat sheet helps me now as my daughter will attend college in the fall. I have already applied for and got approval for filling out the FAFSA form. Please look it up if you need future assistance.

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