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January 5, 2021

How To Look Up Criminal Records For Free

In today’s world, many people are seeking ways to look up criminal records for free. In this article we will cover various ways for you to investigate the background of a potential employee, business partner, or potential love interest by conducting your own free research.

#1 – Look up criminal records for fee on the Internet

The Internet is the first place most people turn to when they want to look up criminal records for free. A basic Google search will allow you to get a snapshot of someone’s background. Look for social media profiles, consumer report websites, and Google’s image directory. There are also “deep web” search engine databases that can dig up information that is often missed by Goggle’s crawlers.

You can also look up criminal records for free by logging onto USA.gov to access state correctional institutions and information on finding criminals. While not all states provide this information it’s a good place to start. If your state isn’t represented on this website then you can do a Google search by entering the following formula:

“State’s name” plus “inmate locator” or “Department of Corrections”

For example: “Florida Department of Corrections”

Besides USA.gov you can also navigate to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. There you can utilize their inmate locator, which is a database of federal inmates.

Another good place to look up criminal history for free is to check the national sex offender registry run by the Department of Justice. From there you can search national sex offenders. When using this resource though, keep in mind the information in the database is supplied by local jurisdictions. The federal database only contains what local counties and towns feed into it. So if your local jurisdiction does not provide the information, then the national database will be hindered. The national website also provides information for states, territories and tribes

#2 – Look up criminal records for free at the county courthouse

When searching out a person’s criminal history the Internet offers a tremendous overview. However, the best place to look up criminal records for free is to head down to the county courthouse (or wherever they keep criminal records in your county). Using this strategy you get information straight from the source.

In closing, trying to look up criminal records for free might not cost you any cash but it will take a commitment of time and resources. If time is something you don’t want to waste then a better option is to utilize a low-cost background check service that will do all the investigating for you.

January 4, 2021

Spiritual Law Vs. Criminal Law

Criminal law and spiritual law sometimes coincide, but oftentimes not. In a spiritual sense, you’re free to do what you want; the ultimate test of whether or not a given act or behavior violates spiritual law is if it hurts you or another person.

“The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” Ayn Rand

Below we outline circumstances that clarify what is a crime and what isn’t-from a spiritual standpoint-based on our long-term findings.

1. White-collar thieves, such as boiler-room operators, think they are clever. They insist on their innocence and blame “naive” investors who should know better before investing without doing their due diligence. But consider their intent-does the boiler-room operator willingly take the investor’s money, knowing that the investor will likely lose his or her money, and is it the operator’s intent to defraud the investor? If yes, then such actions incur negative karma.

Imagine the number of lifetimes it takes to balance the negative karma incurred by stealing millions from hundreds of pensioners, for example. It’s no wonder most criminals don’t believe in karma and predetermination.

2. Precious gem and diamond heists such as the Schiphol Airport diamond heist, surely earn the perpetrators serious negative karma. “At Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport on February 25, 2005, four men in a stolen KLM cargo vehicle ambushed an armored truck carrying jewels bound for Antwerp’s diamond district. Brandishing guns, they forced out the drivers before speeding away. Since many of the gems they filched were still uncut, it’s unclear how much the booty was worth-though some estimates have put the figure as high as $118 million. That would make the Schipol crime, which remains unsolved, the largest diamond heist in history.”

That’s quite a heist, but sometimes the karma is much more complicated than it appears; the four guys with guns may not be the sole villains. For instance, consider the following: the owners of the gems in some heists may be involved in the crime in a complex insurance fraud; the guys with guns could have a high profile organized crime backer, which then earns dozens of culprits bad karma; even the security consultants and their superiors, or the insurance company (or select employees) are sometimes involved in such a heist; the owners of some stolen gems may have stolen them in the first place.

3. People who vote for politicians who support oppressive legislation, such as laws against freedom of speech (e.g., in the U.K. it’s illegal to criticize a certain religion on social media) incur negative karma. The same is true for people who lobby for unjust laws, or who trample the rights of others to promote their agenda. Feelings aren’t an excuse to limit freedom of speech. Any criminal law that takes away individual freedoms is in direct violation of spiritual law, thus those who impose it on others incur negative karma.

“He who allows oppression shares the crime.” Desiderius Erasmus

Earth isn’t the only place to balance your karma. “… researchers have calculated that billions of the stars in the Milky Way have one to three planets in the habitable zone, where there is the potential for liquid water and where life could exist.” It’s feasible mass slavery is the norm on some of those inhabitable planets, offering those who incur nasty human rights karma (including agenda and propaganda pushers, politicians, and the voters who give them power) on Earth the opportunity to balance the scales elsewhere in the future.


Considering there are two trillion galaxies in the universe, including ours, the Milky Way, it’s estimated there are trillions of inhabitable planets in the universe. This is enough to include an incredible variety of difficult life circumstances and situations to accommodate even the worst karmic offenders. The infinite number of available planets on which to incarnate lends credence to the theory that you have probably had more lifetimes than you may think. A wise person said your current lifetime is just one word, of one sentence, on one page, in one book, perhaps of several volumes.

4. Those in the U.S. Congress (or any other legislative body) who continually put their personal monetary gain ahead of the will of the people, such as through allowing crooked lobbyists and special interest groups to dictate their voting record, earn enormous amounts of terrible karma. It’s difficult to fathom how much bad karma is generated by irresponsible governing, policies that harm millions of citizens.

“There is no distinctly American criminal class – except Congress.” Mark Twain

“We don’t seem to be able to check crime, so why not legalize it and then tax it out of business?” Will Rogers

The perfect crime, a term used to describe crimes that are unsolvable or undetected, doesn’t exist in a spiritual sense. The eyes of truth (i.e., law of karma) are always watching, so ultimately nobody gets away with anything.

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