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January 6, 2021

Camtasia Studio – 3 Easy Steps

sia Studio Software or Camtasia screen recorder by TechSmith is a new easy to use video editing software that will help you create professional looking presentations or screencast. Create blogs, videos and presentations that will look like it was created by professionals to impress your boss, clients or even other students.

For those wanting to know on how To create a video using Camtasia follow these simple steps.

The Camtasia screen recorder is very easy to use, with just three easy steps; your screencast will be ready for everyone to see.

First step: Recording

With Camtasia Recorder, you record exactly what you want: The entire screen, specific Dimensitons, a region window or appliation. Camtasia recorder is design to be simple and easy to use starting with your first recording – just click on the red button and off you go and record.

Or once Camtasia is installed, it will put a toolbar inside PowerPoint (adds-in)to easily record any presentation with just a simple click at the mouse button. Add your custom audio files like music tracks and other recordings, and then you have yourself a screencast.

Using adjustable options, Camtasia screen recorder can capture screens in full screen, or if chosen, some regions of the screen only. This possible due to the SmartFocus technology of Camtasia screen recorder, which keeps track of all the actions that are happening at the recording.

Second Step: Editing

After you have recorded your content, it is now time to put some bells and whistles to your screencast with Camtasia screen recorder’s editing features. Add callouts to your video to get the attention of the viewers. Enhance the cursor and add effects on it while you move and click the mouse so your viewers can follow the action. The Camtasia Studio comes with a library of pre-designed assets that you can just drag and drop to your screencast. You can also add in all your custom callouts, slides and others for future use.

Camtasia screen recorder also has a speech to text captioning feature which converts your screencast’s audio in to 500-compliant open/closed captions. And as you continually use this feature, it will improve its capability to produce more accurate captions for you to use. But if you don’t want to use Camtasia screen recorder’s built-in audio captioning feature, you could always do it manually or use another different SRT and SMI transcription files to import the software.

The Camtasia screen recorder will make it easy for anyone viewing the video to watch ant section they want to watch now, thanks to the Table of Contents feature. The Camtasia Studio does this automatically to any PowerPoint presentation by using the slide titles as the source for the Table of Contents. You could also add some custom made flash quizzes to any part of your screencast to make it more interactive.

Third Step: Share

This is the final step in creating your screencast after you have recorded and edited it to your liking. It’s now time to show the world what you’ve made! With just a simple click, you can broadcast your created content to any video sharing sites on the internet. It’s that simple!

Use the Camtasia screen recorder in creating your personal blogs and videos, create professional looking presentation to impress a client or boss, use it to make training and teaching videos for your employees or students. The Camtasia screen recorder will be everything you need for creating your amazing screencast. Order one now or go to their website for a free demo of Camtasia screen recorder.