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September 26, 2020

Using Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic for Free

If you are looking for free ways to increase blog traffic and how to use social media to increase traffic, you should read this.

As social media is becoming more and more populated with users world wide, many marketers and companies (like McDonald’s) are using Facebook to maximize their potential. By using social media to increase blog traffic for free, you can save up on advertising costs, viralize your traffic for more visitors, getting more exposure, make more friends, make more money, be famous and many tons more.

On top of that, this is the real reason why you would want to use social media to increase your blog traffic.

Google is dying! Yes it is true. Social media sites like Facebook is already catching up with Google in terms of most visited sites. And in years or even months to come, Facebook is going to out-beat Google if Google did not do anything about it.

But what this shows is that social media site is getting really popular and it is the hottest stuffs on the internet. After so much of analysis and gathering data, most of the webmasters who do online marketing, are using social sites for their websites and businesses. Even McDonald is using social sites (and media) even though you know that they are already very successful.

Using social media to increase traffic

Let’s start with the basic. Using Facebook, the simplest way to get someone to visit your websites is by posting status updates on your wall. You may post your blog URL if you want to increase blog traffic or just your regular website.

But these are just among your friends and contacts. Not more. What you can do to reach out to larger audience is by creating pages and inviting your friends to like your page. However, is you will definitely realize that not many will like it because simply they do not know who you are or basically, if you are not recognized, no one will bother to like your pages.

Fortunately, there is a proper way or rather a strategy to increase traffic. One of the ways is to create events like outing, public relationship or contest. However this requires some investments and that is not what we want.

The better and free way to increase traffic using social media is to create a page that uses emotions. Like for example, “Save these animal by not.” These kind of pages will help to get the sympathy of others and therefore will get more people to like your pages. Having that said, it doesn’t mean it has to be animal or saving something. Make sure that it is related to your website or products.

And lastly, do remember to place your website link on your page so your ‘fans’ will know where to proceed after liking your page!