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Facebook Alternative Wins Best New Social Media App 2020

Lyfeloop a Free Speech Facebook Alternative Social Media App Gains Attention!

If you are someone that wants a social media app that lets you connect with friends and family without the censorship, politics and security problems then Lyfeloop is by far the best choice.”

— Britt McHenry Chairman at Business Achievement Awards

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — New Facebook Alternative Social Media App Lyfeloop Wins Award for Best New Social Media App 2020 by the Business Achievement Awards for usefulness, overall quality, uniqueness in the market, user interface and design. Each year the Business Achievement Awards names the Best Social media apps as part of the annual Business Achievement Awards(BAA) Competition. Now in its 15th year, the Business Achievement Awards are the first and only industry-based advertising award competition dedicated exclusively to responsive mobile web and application development. “In 2020 Lyfeloop is the clear winner that stands out from its competitors and we are proud to award Lyfeloop with the recognition you deserve” said Britt McHenry BAA Awards chairman.
For starters, it’s totally elegant in design while still being completely user friendly. Lyfeloop offers a very clean presentation that most users will appreciate, especially since the app does a fantastic job of knowing what cool social features to integrate into it (e.g. activity feed, built-in media player) and what to leave behind. If you are someone that wants a social media app that lets you connect with friends and family without the censorship, politics and security problems then Lyfeloop is by far the best choice” continues McHenry. The Best mobile apps in each industry are selected by judges who review the entered mobile entries using the seven criteria: Creativity, Innovation, Impact, Design, Copywriting, Use of the medium and Memorability. At a time where censorship is at an all time high many users are now switching over their personal and business social media pages to Lyfeloop. Lyfeloop social media app provides its users unprecedented connectivity with one another. From sharing and posting photos and videos, to going live and advertising their business Lyfeloop has it all. With 100% reach on every post and a commitment to never selling user data, Lyfeloop is a safe and engaging place. Listed as the best Facebook alternatives, Lyfeloop a new social media app gives users everything they loved about other platforms minus all the censorship and security issues. Lyfeloop and its user community have created a destination on its platform complete with daily news updates, uplifting stories, in-home workouts, tips for projects with the kids and more. Most importantly medical Doctor’s can give advice and options without being censored. In addition to more effectively connecting with one another, users are able to access geographically sorted live news feeds to see current and local health related information. Lyfeloop aims to always put users first and provide them with a service that they can use to flourish and express their ideas freely. Currently, over 1 million users have joined Lyfeloop. Lyfeloop does not use an algorithm to determine what users see or how followers of a particular page might see the chosen content. Instead, Lyfeloop breaks the mold and does the exact opposite, giving content power and control back to users by delivering posts to 100% of followers. The platform is already helping users better their lives as they discover and enjoy a wide spectrum of news, content and communities. Personal profiles showcase people and their lives while always allowing them to express and share stories. Lyfeloop users can add friends, follow and unfollow people and pages, get real-time news with news feeds, chat, & notifications and profile updates, share any public post on Lyfeloop, as well as publish (music, videos, links). Lyfeloop has a revolutionary live video chat system for users to have virtual meetings and chat with friends. Lyfeloop is one app that is steadily expanding its user base; all thanks to its free speech driven policies. Its free speech promotion is what makes this app stand out among its competitors.
From a business point of view, the brands can connect with their users instantly. For example, brands and businesses can create chatbots in order to broadcast messages to a number of subscribers at once. With millions of users leaving Facebook due to fake fact checking and free speech censorship issues , Lyfeloop has gained much popularity as compared to other top social media apps and makes its first pick on our list of social media apps. Over the previous year Lyfeloop requested a huge amount of input from social media app users to develop their platform dependent on user experience. Given today’s ever growing social media censorship, individuals are aching for genuine social media app to share, connect and befriend like minded people without being censored for no reason. Lyfeloop is venturing directly into that void and having a genuine effect. The Lyfeloop social media app is rapidly growing with more and more people joining the platform every day. Users can download the Lyfeloop App free app in the App Store and Google Play or by visiting lyfeloop.com.