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ExpertPreneurs – The 6 Business Platforms You Must Build to Support Your Expertise-Driven Empire

Every expertise-driven business has at its center a leading expert or recognized guru who has successfully leveraged the same six basic business building blocks into massive profits and extensive product empires.

Emerging experts, established experts and entrepreneurs also can leverage these same building blocks into successful ExpertPreneurial product empires and multiple profit centers. And, it does not take a fortune nor does it take forever.

These six building blocks include:

  • Content – at the core of your expertise-driven business is your content, body of knowledge and experience. It is your voice, your message and your area of expertise delivered through speaking, writing, and recording.
  • Connection – who you know is important. But more important than who you know is who knows you and most import, is how they know you. Connection is where you build and foster your personal community and create your center of influence. It includes contacts throughout your personal and professional business networks; members of clubs, organizations or groups in which you lead or actively participate; and mentors, coaches, and colleagues.
  • Branding – who and what your personal brand represents and how you are positioned in the marketplace. Branding includes every aspect of how you are represented from your visual presentation to the feeling you want about you and your products. Branding is where you appeal to your prospects and clients through the five human senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The more visceral your brand is, the more memorable it will be.
  • Media – The media world has evolved dramatically during the last decade to include mainstream news and feature media, social media and independently produced media. In today’s business environment, ExpertPreneurs and entrepreneurs are the media and as such are on level playing field with the traditional media. The key to developing a solid media base is seamlessly bridging from one type of media to the next creating a massive media presence through strategic marketing.
  • Public relations – not only does public relations include press relations and ongoing time-sensitive publicity but it also is reputation management and community relations.
  • Speaking – live, in-person and virtual presentations, teleseminars, key note speeches, workshops, round table talks, and seminars. Basically, every opportunity to speak to any group from your target market.

Mastering each of these areas allows entrepreneurs to leverage themselves and to develop highly profitable product lines based on their expertise. The result is building an expertise-based business with you at the core as the undeniable expert in your chosen area. Prospects will seek your services rather than you searching for clients. And, last, you will make more money while working less.